Makaya Murray, owner of ReclamationMakya Murray, owner of Reclamation.

Makya Murray opened Reclamation in July 2021 and hasn’t looked back. As a young, black woman- business owner, she’s both privy to the challenges of running a business, and completely resolved in allowing nothing to hold her back.

Reclamation became a reality as Murray wanted to create a space where consumers could support sustainability in an affordable way. Before opening her shop, she worked in costume design and managed a thrift store, “but I’ve always thrifted and been into home décor.”

We can tell! The inventory at Reclamation seems intentional, and carefully selected and arranged from someone with a background in – and passion for - personal style.

Clothing racks feature everything from distressed flannels, Space Jam T-shirts, retired sportswear, and formal sequin dresses for every occasion. In the front of the store, nostalgic trinkets, and home décor with timeless style grace tables. We found a red rotary phone and copies of vintage band concert posters from Pink Floyd and Janis Joplin. You’ll find yourself immersed in a time capsule of outfits and baubles, and then pulled back into the present with music from today resounding through the store. It’s difficult to feel anything but good in this space.

“Reclamation offers clothing and home décor to express your style at an affordable price,” Murray says of her consignment shop. And, indeed, so many different types of clothing styles dress the racks throughout the store.

While shoppers may initially come in for clothing, it’s hard to miss the wide array of furniture – from bar stools to tables to wooden chests. The 1950s wedding dress hanging on the wall is a reminder that styles change, but eventually come back in some form or another.

We’re lucky to have such a place in Shaker.

The Right Space in the Right Place

When asked why she chose Shaker as the location to own her first small business, she noted Shaker’s diversity, atmosphere, and community. “There was nothing like this kind of store in Shaker and I wanted to bring it to this community. I fell in love with the space.”

We’re in love with the space, too! Watching Murray chat with her customers - especially first-timers - she excitingly greets people into her space and immediately makes them feel comfortable, asking if there’s something specific they’re looking for. If she doesn’t have the item in question, she makes a note to add said item to her search list.

Murray’s approach to owning and running a small business continues admirably. She advises anyone wanting to open their own small business to not overthink it. “Just dive in and take a leap. Trust yourself, take a chance because you never know what could happen.” She further advises that it’s important to know how to talk to your customers. Her ability to make every guest who walks through the door feel important is truly a skill.

Although the space already holds a great amount of inventory, Reclamation will continue to evolve. In the months and years to come, Murray remains excited to keep growing and connecting with other businesses and the community.

Be sure to follow Reclamation on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the growing inventory. Makya also hosts events within the space, including a Permanent Jewelry Pop-up on February 17 from 4-7pm with Forever Golden Cle. Reclamation is located at 16704 Chagrin Boulevard. You can shop all the amazing finds Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12-6pm and Thursday through Saturday from 12-7pm. Share your finds with @shopshakerhts!