De-Escalation Training

Since 2015, all SHPD officers have had de-escalation training and other curriculum related to elements of de-escalation.


Mental Health Crisis and De-Escalation Training

Due to COVID-19 planned training has been temporarily suspended. When restrictions are lifted, training will resume.


Responding to Persons with Mental Health Issues

Policing Culturally Diverse Communities

Use of Force, Liability and Standards

Bias-Free Police Training


Mental Health Crisis and De-Escalation

Bias-Free Police Training

2016 & 2017

Bias-Free Police Training


Communication and De-Escalation Skills

Assisting with Special Needs Populations

Bias-Free Policing Training 

SHPD has participated in a range of Diversity, Inclusion and Bias-Free Policing training for more than two decades.


Review and Testing of Policies:

  • Bias-Free Policing and Racial Profiling Statement;
  • Response to Threats;
  • Recruitment and Hiring;
  • Sexual Harassment

Community Conversation between Shaker Youth and Police; Viewing of the documentary “13th

  • Panel of teenage African American males and select officers participated in a roundtable discussion; session was videotaped to be shown during training;
  • Viewing of documentary “13th” to provide historical facts related to the 13th Amendment and how it has been used against innocent black males.

Bias, Policing Perspectives/Impact on Community and Morale

  • Roundtable discussion with a plaintiff’s attorney, law enforcement attorney, prosecutor, president of the NAACP and a police executive.

Bias, Mindfulness and Accountability

  • Discussion of implicit/internal bias;
  • Discussion of and applying a mindfulness perspective to the case involving Officer Michael Brelo and the shooting of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams in Cleveland;
  • Discussion of and applying a mindfulness perspective to the Tamir Rice case in Cleveland;   
  • Distinguishing the guardian vs. warrior philosophy in law enforcement and expectations related to Shaker Heights;
  • Discussion about FBI Director James Comey’s speech regarding the relationship between law enforcement and African Americans.

Officer Involved Shootings and Response To Threats (Legality and Practicality)

  • Discussion of law suit brought against several SHPD officers from an incident occurring on Halloween;
  • What is required by SHPD, impact to the officer and effect on the Shaker Heights community.

Ethics and Bias in Policing

  • Examination and discussion of Eric Garner incident in New York;
  • Using ethics to deliver superior customer service.



This 10-month program sponsored by the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio addresses participants’ personal impact on and institutional approaches to diversity issues. Emphasis is placed squarely on WHY diversity issues are critical to progress and what participants can do to facilitate positive change. SHPD graduates include Police Chief Jeffrey DeMuth (2020), Sergeant Troy Allison (2016) and Sergeant Parker Adrine (2017). In addition to these officers, the City has sponsored a City employee to participate in LeadDiversity every year since 2009.