Services Offered

The City’s Fair Housing Office provides the following services:

Complaint Investigation

If you believe your fair housing rights have been violated, staff will conduct an intake and determine if there is jurisdiction to file a fair housing complaint against the housing provider. Learn more about the complaint process.


Seminars and presentations on various fair housing topics are offered throughout the year, some in conjunction with other organizations.  In the past, seminars have been conducted for real estate agents, property managers, homeowners associations, landlords, social workers, and home-seekers.

Speakers Bureau

Contact the City’s Fair Housing Office at 216-491-1440 to arrange for a presentation on fair housing that can be tailored specifically for your group (neighborhood/community group, homeowners association, property management company, real estate agents, social workers,  PTO, etc.). 

General Technical Assistance

Are you a property manager or landlord with a fair housing question?  Do you have a question about action taken by your homeowners association?  Are you a tenant that thinks something illegal happened, but you’re not sure?  Are you a real estate agent faced with a difficult question regarding a prospective purchaser or seller?  Although we cannot provide you with legal advice, we’ll listen to the facts and try to offer information or another resource to help you through your situation.