Owner-Occupied Systematic Inspections

All owner-occupied residential properties receive an exterior inspection every five years. The inspection schedule divides the City into five neighborhood-based sections. The current five-year inspection cycle is as follows:

  • 2023-Malvern/Ludlow
  • 2024-Mercer
  • 2025-Fernway/Onaway
  • 2026-Moreland/Boulevard
  • 2027-Lomond/Sussex

To determine which neighborhood your property is located, refer to the City’s Neighborhood Map (PDF).

Learn More About Owner-Occupied Systematic Inspections

The Owner-Occupied Inspection is a comprehensive inspection of the exterior of a residential property. (View exterior (PDF) inspection guidelines.) A licensed inspector in the Department of Building & Housing will perform the inspection. Inspectors wear photo I.D. badges and drive marked City cars. Property owners are not required to be present.

Property owners will be notified by mail about any violations that must be corrected. Property owners have 90 days to make repairs, unless the violation presents a health or safety risk and then the repair will be given a shorter time frame to comply.

An inspector will re-inspect the property for compliance after the 90-day period. Property owners who have corrected their violations will receive confirmation in writing.

Property owners who have made some progress, but require more time to correct remaining violations can request an extension.