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  1. Listing Policy

    The City of Shaker Heights is pleased to list events meeting certain criteria and of potential interest to Shaker residents. Please note that to be included events MUST be open to the public and take place in Shaker Heights. Events must be submitted by the organization hosting the event.

    View the City's web calendar policy for more information.

    The following events are NOT eligible for listing:
    1. Events that are political, partisan or religious
    2. Private events of any kind.
    3. Events outside of Shaker Heights.

    Listings are at the sole discretion of the City of Shaker Heights. Please provide information about your event below.

  2. Type of Event*
  3. Describe the type of event/activity.
  4. Is Your Organization Located in the City of Shaker Heights?*
  5. Describe your event/activity in 50 words or less.
  6. If no cost, enter "free."
  7. Please provide a website address, email address, or phone number for the public to learn more about your event/activity.
  8. Please provide a link to the page on your website (or your social media channel) where the public can get the most current information on the event/activity, including a cancellation.
  9. How Can We Contact You?
    We will only use this information to get in touch if we have questions about your event/activity. We will not publish it on the calendar.
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