Report a Concern

Missed garbage pick-up? Traffic issues? Here's how to get help with common concerns.

Concern Get Help

Animal issues

Call 216-491-1490; after hours, 216-491-1499 or read more at Animal Control
Tall Grass Email Public Works. Include property address.

Trash, including missed pick up

Report a Problem with Collection Service

Recycling, including bucket requests

Email Public Works or read more at Recycling


Call 216-491-1490; 216-491-1499 (after hours)

Trees (nuisance trees, fallen limbs, etc.)

Email Public Works or read more at Forestry


Email Public Works 

Street Light Outage

Report online or call 216-491-1234

Traffic Concerns

Report online
Traffic Signal or Street Sign Problem Report online

Yard Waste

Email Public Works or read more at Leaves, Grass & Brush

Recreation registration

Email Recreation or call 216-491-1290.