Home& Property Improvements: Getting Started

The City is committed to protecting Shaker’s architectural heritage through a permitting and inspections system that ensures that work done on any property in the City meets the highest standards of quality. Here’s a basic overview of what you need to know to ensure your project meets City requirements.

1. Your project most likely requires a permit (or permits).

Most building projects require permits. The permits help ensure your project meets all legally required Ohio building codes. Take some time to learn about the City’s permitting process and to find out whether your specific project requires a permit (or permits). Learn more: Building Permits

2. Your project may require a plan review before permits are issued.

Many projects also require a plan review before permits will be issued. There are two basic types of plan review:

  • Interior Projects — Significant changes to the interior of a property require a plan review by the Building Department only. 
  • Exterior Projects — Any new construction, addition, or alteration which changes the exterior appearance of a building/property requires a plan review by the Architectural Board of Review (ABR), followed by a review by the Building Department. Note: Some common exterior projects (like fences) can be approved by the Planning Department (which oversees the Architectural Board of Review) and do not require formal review by the ABR.

Learn more: Building Department Plan Review, Architectural Board of Review Plan Review

3. Projects requiring permits must be inspected.

Any projects requiring building permits must also be inspected by a licensed building inspector from the City’s Building Department. This visual inspection ensures the permitted work has been done correctly and adheres to all legally required Ohio building codes. Required inspections are built into the permit application process.

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