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1. Why did the City create its own 100% renewable electric aggregation program?
2. When will the 100% renewable electric aggregation program be available?
3. What does 100% renewably-sourced electric mean exactly?
4. Who is eligible for the 100% renewable electric program? Who is not eligible?
5. How can eligible customers sign up for the 100% renewable electric program?
6. What if I receive the opt-out notice, but do not want to be in the electric aggregationprogram?
7. What if I do not receive an opt-out notice?
8. What if I want to enroll but am not eligible for the program because I am on a contract with another electric supplier?
9. Am I obligated to remain in the program if I enroll?
10. Why make it opt-out?
11. What will the cost be for this new 100% electric aggregation program?
12. Why not just stick with NOPEC? Doesn’t it offer a 100% renewable plan?
13. Won’t a 100% renewable electric program be more expensive?
14. I have solar panels on my home. Can I use the City’s aggregation program for net metering?