Whose responsibility is it to maintain the treelawn?

It is the resident's responsibility to maintain the treelawn. Day to day activities such as watering and raking leaves are the homeowner's responsibility as is the care of the grass on the treelawn.

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1. Who owns the trees and the treelawn?
2. Whose responsibility is it to maintain the treelawn?
3. Whose responsibility is it to maintain trees on the treelawn?
4. Who pays for the trees that are planted on the treelawn?
5. Is there any way residents can get a larger or older tree planted if their tree-lawn tree is scheduled to be replaced?
6. When issues arise on the treelawn such as damage, danger posed by a tree, or when other questions arise, whom should I contact?
7. There is a downed limb blocking the sidewalk, street or driveway apron. Can the Public Works Department help?
8. Where can I get wood chips from the City?
9. How much mulch should I apply around a tree?
10. The neighbor's tree branches are hanging in my yard. Can I trim them?
11. What is the City's tree maintenance program?