Who services the bins? What's the schedule?

The bins are serviced weekly on Fridays. Rust Belt Riders is the service provider. Rust Belt Riders is a worker-owned cooperative dedicated to the health of the environment and of its employees. Their mission is to “Feed People, Not Landfills.”  They provide businesses, organizations, and individuals with an alternative to the landfill for their food waste.  They believe in creating and operating within a circular economy and actively practice workplace democracy. To them: “How they do their work is equally as important as the work they do.”

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1. Why should I compost?
2. How do I access the bins?
3. Where are the bins located?
4. What should I store my food scraps in?
5. What materials are accepted?
6. What material is NOT accepted?
7. Who services the bins? What's the schedule?
8. I already use the Rust Belt Rider service. Can I switch to this program?
9. Why is this program limited to Lomond? How are Lomond's boundaries determined?