What should I store my food scraps in?

We encourage participants to use a reusable bucket or container with a lid to transport your food scrap to the drop site.

  • Rust Belt Riders buckets are available to purchase at any Phoenix Coffee shop or at our downtown headquarters at 2701 St. Clair Avenue.  They are $12 and come with a lid.
  • You are also welcome to use your own storage container!

Storage Tips

  • Store your food scraps in a paper bag in the freezer until drop day to prevent odors from accumulating in your bucket.
  • Or keep a 5-gallon bucket in one of the following places for food scrap storage between drops: kitchen, laundry room, garage, foyer, mud room, stairwell, or under the sink.
  • Use a brown paper bag to line your bucket with for easier clean up after drop-off; the brown paper bag can go right into the composting bins along with the food scraps 
  • However, scraps can be dropped directly into the bins if you prefer.
  • Always use a reusable container to limit waste

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