What is the City's 2022 Neighborhood & Housing Plan?

The plan sets goals for multiple City departments to attract and retain new residents, increase demand for houses, increase property values, preserve existing housing, and increase the cohesiveness, desirability, attractiveness, and stability of neighborhoods in Shaker Heights. More information can be found here.

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1. Why are there vacant lots?
2. What is infill housing? Why does the City attract new housing?
3. A new infill house has been proposed for my block? How can I get more information?
4. What is the City's 2022 Neighborhood & Housing Plan?
5. What is tax abatement?
6. What is a City landbank?
7. What is the Architectural Board of Review (ABR) and the City Planning Commission (CPC)?
8. Where can I apply for a vacant lot to build a new home, or to acquire as a side lot to my existing owner occupied home?