Where can I get a catalog?

Recreation catalogs are published three times per year. Catalogs are mailed, at no charge, to residents of the Shaker City School District. Catalogs are also available at City Hall, Thornton Park, and the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Building. 

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1. How can I learn more about classes and programs?
2. How do I register for programs?
3. If I register late, are programs pro-rated?
4. I’m on a waiting list for a recreation program. When will I find out if you can accommodate my child?
5. I’m not sure where my program is located?
6. Where can I learn more about camps, including costs?
7. Is financial assistance available?
8. What should my child bring to camp?
9. What’s the schedule for public skating at Thornton Park?
10. What are the admission fees for Thornton Park Ice Arena?
11. Can non-residents skate at Thornton Park?
12. When is the Thornton Park pool open?
13. What are the admission fees for Thornton Park pool?
14. Are swim lessons offered?
15. What is the inclement weather policy?
16. What is the refund policy?
17. View our Non-Endorsement Policy
18. What is the disability policy?
19. Why are classes sometimes cancelled? What other class policies are there?
20. Where can I get a catalog?
21. Can I kayak on the Shaker lakes?
22. Are there places to ice skate outdoors?