What else should I consider?

The following are some additional considerations for those interested in starting a community garden:

  • Compost piles – Compost piles are allowed with a free compost permit (PDF) from the Department of Public Works. The permit describes how to construct a compost pile and where to locate it. Once the compost pile is constructed, Public Works will inspect the compost pile to ensure it complies with the permit. Call 216-491-1490 for more information.
  • Trash and leaf pick-up – Community gardens may place bags of grass clippings and piles of leaves and brush on their tree lawn for regular City yard waste pick-up. Trash pick-up is not available for community gardens on City-owned property. Please review the City's yard-waste guidelines.
  • Liability and insurance – Because community gardens involve the common use of property by many different individuals, it is a good idea to consider obtaining liability insurance. Liability insurance can provide the gardeners and/or property owner with legal protection in the event that a gardener or visitor is injured on the site. You may be able to obtain insurance at a lower cost by asking a larger organization that already has liability coverage to sponsor the garden.
  • Food donation – Community gardens can help food banks, shelters and related organizations by donating some of their bounty. For example, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank takes food donations and distributes them to more than 450 centers thoughout Northeast Ohio. These organizations generally welcome produce donations, but check before you donate to find out hours of operation and their donation procedures.


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