Tuesday, June 20, 2023 8:00 A.M.


Meeting ID: 861 3199 2587| Passcode: 992255| Dial In 833 548-0282 (toll free)

Virtual meeting pursuant to Chapters 113 and 115 of the Codified Ordinances (as amended in Ordinance 22-28), and Resolution 22-29, enacted on March 22, 2022.


Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of May 15, 2023.

  1. 1 Fnmn0515.pdf

Request to authorize the issuance and sale of bonds in the maximum principal amount of $1,300,025 for the purpose of paying costs of remodeling, renovating, furnishing, equipping and otherwise improving the City’s Transfer Station located at 15600 Chagrin Boulevard.


Request to authorize the City to enter into a Development & Use Agreement (D&U) with Columbus-based developer Metropolitan Holdings Limited, or its affiliate, for the Arcadia redevelopment project at 3393 Warrensville Center Road (the former Qua Buick site).


Request to adopt a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) ordinance and authorize the City to enter into a Fourth Amendment to the School Compensation Agreement with the Shaker Schools to restart the clock on the 30-year exemption period for the Arcadia redevelopment project at the Qua Buick site and to ensure that the TIF applies to the entire property, as two parcels will be consolidated into one for the project.


Request to appropriate $50,000 from the General Fund, which will later be reimbursed by the County’s 2023 Community Development Supplemental Grant (CDSG) program and a request to authorize an amendment to the City’s current contract with the Home Repair Resource Center (HRRC) to increase the contract amount by $50,000, with all such added funds reserved as grant funds available to Shaker Heights residents for brick-and-mortar repairs.


Request to enter into a design and engineering contract with GPD Group for a not-to-exceed amount of $250,000 for the Van Aken Bikeway project.


Request to waive competitive bidding and enter into a sole source contract with Mobile Mounts for $78,090.06 for the installation of 23 vehicle console and docking station kits to remove and replace current equipment.


Request to transfer budgeted appropriations of $80,000 from the Police Department Personal Services budget to the Police Department Other Expenses budget to meet ongoing Police Department training needs.


Request to waive competitive bidding and enter into a sole source contract with Axon Enterprise, Inc. in the amount of $108,526.56 to replace the Low-Lethality Electro Muscular Disruption (EMD) Devices (also referred to as “Tasers”).


Request to enter into a purchase agreement with Keystate Development to acquire vacant City-wide parcels for construction of custom built single-family homes to sell to owner-occupant purchasers.


2024 Tax Budget for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2024.

To request an accommodation for a person with a disability, call the City's ADA 
 Coordinator at 216-491-1440, or Ohio Relay Service at 711 for TTY users.